Board of Directors-2015

Thomas Schevtchuk-President

Ron Block-Vice President, Projects

Jim Phillips-Vice President, Programs

Paul LaQuatra-Secretary

Chris Gregory Phillips -Treasurer

J. Allison McGee-Invasives Task Force coordinator

Jim Martin-Invasives Task Force coordinator

Peter Argentine

Katie Anderson

Pam Burrett

Mike Hathy

Michael Irwin

Ruby Kang

Marilyn Koch

Barbara Logan

Steve Posti

Greg Nace

sue rose

Janice Seigle

Nancy Smith

Mickey Stobbe

Naomi Wheeler

Rich Zahren


Jackie Quimpo, School-in-the-Park coordinator




One Response to Board of Directors-2015

  1. Dan Gigler says:

    Hi, Folks – as you probably know, the commissioners have been trying to get the 2003 parks master plan moving again – a very good thing. I was invited to a meeting the other evening and the discussion was lively. I injected the idea of abandoning the soccer field in Bird Park (giving it back to nature OR making it a meadowland or public garden) in return for construction of new fields on Cedar Blvd. (public works area) and possibly in Robb Hollow (old baseball field) and on McNeilly property. What is your reaction to that? Would the Conservancy SUPPORT new fields if it meant getting Bird Park back to more of its original state? Would appreciate your insights. Dan

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