Brendan Meeder 2002

Eagle Scout Project for Connor Road Park

Some Mt. Lebanon parks are not as visible as Bird Park or Mount Lebanon Park. The neighborhood park located off of Connor Road at Terrace is such a park. Its seclusion and limited facilities does not draw large numbers.

For my Eagle Scout project, I decided to take this poorly used park space and improve it. The goal was to improve facilities to encourage Mt. Lebanon residents to use the park.

By improving the basketball court area with the addition of benches and line paintings, and by installing a picnic table in the playground area, I feel that a relatively dead location has become far livelier. An additional goal of my Scout project to remove overgrowth.

Efforts began in August 2002 when members of Troop 65 assisted me in clearing the hillsides located at each location. Once the weeds, brambles, and thicket were removed, mulch was laid down to keep the growth from coming back. Much of the work that can be seen now, however, was performed in October when the basketball court lines were painted and construction began on the picnic table and benches. After many hours of work, the fixtures were installed on the cold afternoon of November 3. The help and effort of adult leaders and Scouts have turned an unknown place into a park that I feel can serve Mt. Lebanonites seeking a place for recreation.

During the project, I noticed that just the Scouts’ presence, began to draw people to the facilities. I hope that the changes we made will provide value to those that find the secluded location a place to relax and enjoy nature.

Article written by Brendan Meeder, who is pictured.

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