Twin Hills Trails 2002

Twin Hills Trails Improvements

This spring (2002) a group of thirty Mt. Lebanon neighbors, Conservancy members and students from the high school Environmental Science class treated Twin Hills Trails to some tender loving care. Commissioner Logan and Municipal Manager, Steve Feller, joined the work crews who cleared out weeds and invasive plants, barked chipped trails and picked up trash.

Mid-July, another group of Twin Hills Trails Park neighbors organized by Mrs. Tiadori and Mr/Mrs. Bob Satterfield continued the bark chipping efforts. This energetic group of more than thirty residents delineated the entire trail with logs, connecting the trail begun by the earlier work group. Everyone from tots to retirees joined the brigades armed with wheelbarrows and shovels to spread the bark chips supplied by the township. Thanks to all the neighbors who joined the hard work to make your Trails

Mark Evans, Mt. Lebanon Nature Conservancy President, has walked Twin Hills Trails and Bird Park with his GPS device to digitalize the main trails in each park. Robb Hollow Park is next on the Conservancy project list. All of this is in preparation for trail maps for our passive parks. These maps will enable all of us who use our passive parks to stay on the main trail so all the natural areas we work to preserve are maintained.

Article written by Pam Burrett.