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The BioBlitz in Bird Park and Robb Hollow will run from 6 pm Friday, June 1st until 6 pm, Saturday, June 2nd. The public is invited to attend/participate. If interested they can contact or call 412-341-7307 for more information.

In addition-The Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club will be conducting a mushroom walk on June 2 from 10:00 am until 1:00 pm in Bird Park.

What’s a BioBlitz?
As mentioned in Mt Lebanon Magazine-
“A bioblitz is a round-the-clock 24-hour survey of plant and animal life. The conservancy has conducted bioblitzes in the parks previously—in Bird Park in 2003 and in Twin Hills Park in 2005. For those exercises, life science professionals led by Dr. Jim Phillips and Chris Phillips worked with dozens of volunteers to document life in the parks. Between the two surveys, the researchers observed seven species of mammals, 60 species of birds, 20 species of mollusks, 12 species of spiders and mites, four species of crustaceans, including crayfish in the creeks, five species of amphibians and reptiles and more than 90 tree and plant species.”

If you’d like to participate, contact Chris G Phillips at the above contacts.

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