Commission Approves Park Restoration Project

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The Conservancy would like to thank the Mt. Lebanon Commissioners, who recently approved Phase 1 of the Twin Hills Trails Restoration Project. This project will be similar to the very successful Bird Park Restoration Project which took place in 2016 and 2017. The heavy infestation of Japanese Honeysuckle in the eastern portion of the park will be cut and chipped with a mechanized rotary chopper. This area is nearly impassable due to the heavy growth of honeysuckle, and no young trees are able to penetrate the dense growth to re-establish a native canopy. This project is one of our top priorities, and is a top priority of the Parks Advisory Board as well.

Phase 1 entails hiring a private contractor to cut and shred as much of the honeysuckle as can be accessed, with follow-up treatment on any resprouting stumps. The work should take place sometime this summer.

After this, Conservancy members and Parks Board members will re-seed the area with native grasses and wildflowers and plant native trees with remaining funds. Phase 2 calls for more extensive tree planting and follow-up monitoring for resprouting of invasive species. The amount approved for Phase 1 was $25,000. We are grateful to the Commission for their support of this important initiative.

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