Bird Park Restoration Update 2017

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In the spring and summer of 2015, the Conservancy teamed up with the Parks Advisory Board and the Mt. Lebanon Municipality to restore a heavily-degraded section of Bird Park. This area was overrun by invasive species including bush honeysuckle, wild grapevines, and oriental bittersweet, and was nearly impassable. Conservancy members spent several days cutting invasive plants from areas that could not be reached by machine. Then, thanks to funding support by the Municipality, Eichenlaub Landscaping brought in a rotary forestry mulcher to clear the unwanted vegetation. Following this, volunteers from the Conservancy, Parks Advisory Board, scout troops and school students replanted the area with over 40 native trees, including oak, maple, black gum, yellowwood, pine, sycamore, serviceberry, Kentucky coffeetree and paw-paw.The ground was seeded with native grasses and wildflowers. The area now has a thick, healthy growth of new vegetation. Monitoring of the area is ongoing to ensure the invasive species do not regain a foothold.


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