BioBlitz Twin Hills Trails 2005

The Mt. Lebanon Nature Conservancy sponsored a BioBlitz in Twin Hills Trails Park on May 20-21, 2005. The Park located in Scott Township, consists of 25 acres of woods, meadows and streams. A BioBlitz is an intensive 24-hour inventory of the surprising biodiversity of plant and animal species in an urban park. It provides opportunities for interested members of the public to learn first-hand about the ways scientists study the natural world, and promotes a positive awareness of local resources and conservation.

Thirty-two dedicated volunteers participated, including professional scientists from Duquesne University, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, local amateur experts, members of the Mt. Lebanon Nature Conservancy, and students from Duquesne University and Mt. Lebanon High School.

A total of 218 species were identified in the field, including 99 species of flowering plants, 50 species of birds and 19 species of snails and slugs. The total number of species for the Park is expected to increase as laboratory identifications are still being completed.

Other events for the public, held on Saturday, included a Birds of Prey demonstration by Chuck Tague, and a sale of plants native to Western Pennsylvania sponsored by Kathryn McGregor of Sylvania Natives.

Click here if you would like to see a list of species.

The Post Gazette wrote about the BioBlitz. Click here to read their article.

Participants in the BioBlitz

  • Marianne Bokan-Blair – Mt. Lebanon Nature Conservancy
  • Pam Burrett – Mt. Lebanon Nature Conservancy
  • Coreen Casadei, PE – Collective Efforts, LLC
  • Jennifer Cramer – Mt. Lebanon Nature Conservancy
  • June Delano – Mt. Lebanon Nature Conservancy
  • John Doctor, PhD – Duquense University
  • Mark Evans, PhD – Mt. Lebanon Nature Conservancy
  • Jessica Geisler – student Duquesne University
  • David Gregory – amateur birding expert
  • Deborah Holdsworth – student Duquesne University
  • Geoff Hurd – Mt. Lebanon Nature Conservancy
  • Mike Jensen-Seaman, PhD – Duquesne University
  • Marilyn Koch – Mt. Lebanon Nature Conservancy
  • Dave Lampe, PhD – Duquesne University
  • Brenda Levine – student Mt. Lebanon High School
  • Bobbi Lydon – Mt. Lebanon Nature Conservancy
  • Kathryn McGregor – Sylvania Natives
  • Bob Moll – Mt. Lebanon Nature Conservancy
  • Marsha Pascuzzi – Mt. Lebanon Nature Conservancy
  • Tim Pearce, PhD – Carnegie Museum of Natural History
  • Christine Phillips – Mt. Lebanon Nature Conservancy
  • Jim Phillips, PhD – Duquesne University & Mt. Lebanon Nature Conservancy
  • Brady Porter, PhD – Duquesne University and 3 graduate students
  • Kyle Selcer, PhD – Duquesne University and 6 graduate students
  • Tom and Kim Schevtchuk – Mt. Lebanon Nature Conservancy
  • Chuck Tague – Birds of Prey Demonstration
  • Shalina Wadhwani – student Mt. Lebanon High School
  • Jeff Wagner – Western Pennsylvania Conservancy
  • Delia White – assistant to Chuck Tague

Special Thanks to:

  • Giant Eagle for very generous food gift certificate
  • Bados for discount on pizza
  • Mrs. Philomena Teodori for use of electricity and hospitality
  • Mr. Eugene and Mrs. Wanda Wagester for use of electricity and hospitality
  • Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. for use of small mammal traps
  • Duquesne University for use of microscopes, collecting and laboratory equipment


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