Scouts Continue to Improve Parks

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The Conservancy is grateful for the hard work of the local Scout troops, who have done dozens of projects over the past few years to improve the health of the woods and the condition and utility of the trails. Several projects have been completed or are underway in 2017.

In Twin Hills, Tristan Long and the scouts of Troop 22 completed a trail reroute that bypasses a very steep, eroded trail which can now be closed. The highlight of the project was a 45′ long bridge that crosses two streams.

Regis Wintermantel and the scouts of Troop 28 made trail improvements and built a set of wooden steps in a section of trail that was very steep and slippery.

Logan Sund led the scouts of Troop 28 in creating a new quarter-mile loop of trail in a part of Twin Hills that was impassable due to heavy invasive growth of Japanese honeysuckle and wild grapevines.

In Bird Park, David Deniziuk of Troop 22 has improved 300′ of muddy trail with footbridges and gravel.

Gerard Cline and members of Troop 22 constructed a Bird Blind for bird-watching in Twin Hills.

Hunter McQuaide of Troop 284 improved a section of trail in Bird Park by re-routing an eroded area and building a footbridge over a boggy section.

Luke Morgan of Troop 22 improved an eroded trail in Bird Park by adding 11 water diverters and 17 cu yds of gravel and the same volume of mulch to improve drainage and make a better walking surface.





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