Twin Hills Restoration Underway

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The second phase of the Twin Hills Trails Park restoration has begun. Last summer, at the urging of the Conservancy and the Parks Advisory Board, the municipality hired a contractor to remove a significant area of invasive Japanese honeysuckle and wild grapevine. The vegetation was blanketing the site so heavily that no new trees were able to get established and grow, which had long-term impacts on the health of the tree canopy and the park.

The contractor, Invasive Plant Control (IPC), is a Nashville-based company specializing in this type of work around the country. They cleared about 8 acres or 1/3 of the park using a mechanical grinder. The remaining areas are too steep for the mechanical equipment and are being gradually removed by Conservancy volunteers.

In October 2018 Conservancy volunteers planted about 150 new trees and seeded the ground with grasses and wildflowers. In March 2019 another 150 trees were planted, and more areas seeded. There should be a significant improvement to the appearance of the area in the next few months. Thank you to the Commission for approving the project, to the Public Works Department for their support, and to all the volunteers who have helped with this restoration.

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